Government / Military

Experience at All Levels

EEA has extensive experience executing projects for government organizations of all sizes. We are proud to work with local, state and federal entities. Our process begins with a deep understanding of the project-specific requirements, as well as all applicable codes, standards, and design criteria such as the UFCs and Installation Design Guides for each installation.

Local Municipalities

EEA works with cities and local agencies on central utility plants, infrastructure projects, and administrative facilities. We have worked closely with the City of Austin and with other cities throughout the country.

State Agencies

Our teams adapt to the requirements of each organization we work for — whether at the national or state level. We are proud to have had long-term relationships with multiple state agencies, including:

  • Texas Facilities Commission
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife
  • Texas Workforce Commission

Federal Agencies

The responsibilities of the US Government organizations are extremely varied, resulting in facilities with very different functional requirements. EEA has extensive experience working in existing facilities for Veterans Affairs, the Department of Energy, and the General Services Administration. We are sensitive to security needs as well as maintaining operations of medical and high tech facilities throughout the construction process.

We are able to schedule work around the needs of the stakeholders and employees to create a project timeline that accounts for the need to ensure that operations are maintained without interruption.

Military & Department of Defense

We are well versed in the criteria and design requirements for the Department of Defense. We understand the need to build and maintain facilities that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, and our designs reflect the longevity and flexible functionality that is typical for these projects.

Design-Build Projects for Government & Military

Government and military organizations are known for their rigorous schedules. EEA understands that collaboration between the owner, design team, and construction team is crucial to meet these demanding schedules. Our many successful experiences with design-build projects demonstrate that we are well able to deliver significant value to the owner within this contract structure.

Using Resources Wisely

We are supportive of government initiatives to reduce energy usage in both new and existing facilities and are able to help achieve meaningful savings with both our Commissioning and Energy Audit Services, in addition to full-service MEP Design.

Since 2003, we have designed more than 2.7 million square feet of LEED-certified space.

Government entities are entrusted with tax-payer dollars, and we understand how this elevates the importance of making effective use of these resources.

Learn more about our long history helping government organizations with energy conservation.