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EEA’s Fall 2021 Chili Cook Off

After missing out on our beloved annual tradition of a chili (chile) cook off last year, the Employee Owners of EEA were more than excited to celebrate it all together once again in both our Austin and New Mexico locations.

Our ABQ office started it off at the end of October with their Halloween edition chile cook off. For those unaware, New Mexico is the green chile pepper capital of the world and according to the State of New Mexico, the green chile pepper is a culinary treasure. EEA NM has aptly named their cook off competition with “chile”. We had four winners this year and solid costume representation to boot!

Albuquerque Winners: John Bevz (4th), Cory Gilliam (2nd), Lindsey Thompson (3rd), and Evan King (1st)

The Austin/San Antonio office followed with their Texas version of the chili cook off. We gathered in the EEA backyard on a beautiful November afternoon. It was great to get together and enjoy each other’s company. The chili was a bonus. With several tasty submissions, the voting was tough! We had three total winners for this one and even some new faces to take home the trophies.

For more photos from our Austin backyard cook off, check out the link here – you might even recognize someone. Until next fall!