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Elaine Dolecek, PE

Elaine Dolecek is EEA’s newest Principal, overseeing the Large Commercial market sector. She is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager with over 14 years of experience designing and managing HVAC construction projects. Her professional strengths are in environmentally critical HVAC design, mentorship, and project management.

Elaine is driven by the pursuit of a solution – solving complex problems and having a measurable end goal. That is what she enjoys most about the Large Commercial sector. Further embedded in that process is the teamwork aspect. It requires intense coordination with external teams – architects and contractors for one, all of whom have different ways of seeing a project – and other market sector experts within the company.

In her new role, Elaine hopes to apply an adaptive leadership style that rests on understanding team members as individuals with unique optimized working styles. Similarly, she hopes to ensure the workplace remains reflective of such. Elaine plans to continue strengthening her team through tailored support at work that further allows a fulfilling life outside of the office. She whole-heartedly believes in the importance of a good work-life balance that encourages people to enjoy their life and be present for their families.

Considered one of EEA’s “boomerangs”, Elaine worked for EEA back in 2010 and is excited to return to an office full of good people and deep integrity. She is an avid fan of sushi and backpacking. She notes Olympic National Park as a place she routinely returns to for outdoor adventure. For a fun weekend in Austin, however, you can likely find her eating food at Tomodachi Sushi or spending time kayaking on the lake.

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