Energy Conservation

Facing the Challenge

EEA understands the immense stress rising energy and water costs can place on businesses and public entities. That is why we have been devoted to energy conservation and efficiency since our founding. 

With more than four decades of experience in energy conservation auditing, design, and implementation, EEA can identify energy saving opportunities and update your systems to reduce costs and meet your organization’s sustainability goals.

Energy Conservation is at Our Core

Energy conservation measures are at the heart of everything we do. EEA started out specializing in energy audits for public institutions. The company has since expanded to cover a wide range of industries and engineering services, but energy efficiency has remained core to who we are and how we design.

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Uncovering Your True Energy Use

At the heart of any effective building energy audit is the data — the historical portrait of how the building operates and consumes electricity, natural gas, and water. We use our own tools, equipment, and a host of trained engineering staff to go beyond utility bills to thoroughly understand how your building systems use resources.

Our team performs precise measurements to analyze air conditioning system performance and log electrical consumption over time. This allows us to uncover truths that would otherwise remain hidden and enforce educated decision making on energy solutions.

Making the Most of Your Resources

Once we have developed a detailed baseline model of your building, we test potential scenarios to discover the biggest opportunities for improvement. We run careful payback analyses to determine what changes are the best use of your money.

Retro-Commissioning for Energy Savings

If your building was never commissioned, there may be areas where your systems are not functioning as designed that you don’t know about. EEA has extensive expertise with retro-commissioning to improve the operation and maintenance of existing building systems.

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