Electrical Master Planning

Engineering Beyond a Single Building

We are experts at designing reliable campus type medium-voltage distribution systems and developing plans built with future development in mind. 

Looking to the Future

Our approach considers what you will need in the years to come. We take time to understand our clients’ goals and then align the project to those objectives. 

Our focus on reliability and sustainability means we do more than simply show up and execute a job; we challenge clients to think ten years ahead and make strategic decisions today that will meet their goals tomorrow.

Bringing Everything Together

Our designs bring together plans from landscape, lighting, and architecture master plans into projects like campus distribution loops, installation of head end medium voltage distribution systems, and even site lighting design and special events power.

Beauty and Function​

We are experienced in transforming visually unappealing spaces into beautiful natural landscape environments with an eye toward sustainability into the future.

Experience Across Environments

Our experience draws from a long history of projects combining medium voltage distribution with landscape lighting.

  • Extending medium voltage (MV) service to new buildings
  • Expanding and relocating MV loops
  • Planning future campus development
  • Redevelopment of city parks
  • Neighborhood development design
  • Conversion of unsightly (to non-electrical engineers) overhead electrical lines to underground distribution

With the explosive growth in downtown Austin, the city needed to install a 3rd chiller plant to provide chilled water to their customers. This plant provided an additional 10,000 tons of chilled water capacity with 12,000 gallons of water per minute.