Thermal Utility Master Planning

Confidence in the Future

Through meticulous planning and long-term relationships with our clients, EEA not only provides the standard planning assessments and analyses — we look to the future to identify problems that your teams do not see today. By addressing these challenges before they arise, you get the most life-cycle benefit from your system investments and can avoid additional expenditures in the future.

Understanding Your Needs

Most thermal utility plans are focused on capacity expansion and renewal. To accomplish these goals, EEA gains a strong understanding of the operation and loading, then anticipates future loads and the required size of generating equipment and distribution systems. 

Thorough Analysis

For comprehensive planning projects, we run:

  • Capacity analyses
  • Distribution analyses
  • Condition assessments

Using calibrated models and simulations, we reveal details about systems that operators may have not yet identified. In conjunction with detailed capacity analysis, this approach allows operators to prepare for the future and avoid last minute emergencies.

Long-Term Commitment

EEA is more than a team of engineers; we’re long term partners who understand the needs you face today and the challenges that will arise in the future. Our commitment is to provide excellent service that accomplishes your goals—not just today, but for the long term.