Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

VDC Services

VDC empowers the professional services team to coordinate multiple trades BEFORE equipment and fixtures are installed in the field. 

VDC Services Allow You to Solve Problems Early

Our VDC team uses Autodesk Navisworks to combine models from various disciplines and multiple platforms into one coordinated model. Navisworks’ clash detective tool is then run to identify and analyze the various geometry collisions in the model. Responsibility for resolving each clash is then assigned to the agreed-upon trade, and each BIM model is corrected.

This process is repeated until the coordination model is clash-free, and the design team is confident that the design is coordinated to an acceptable level. This allows the final model to be delivered to the client with confidence that it is accurate enough to build from, and can prevent costly and time-consuming changes in the field.

Laser Scanning

In order to attain the most precise and current as-built measurements for a BIM model, EEA utilizes 3D laser-scanning technology. The scanner is placed in the space, and emits laser pulses to create a “point cloud” consisting of millions of point measurements.

This point cloud can then be imported into other software in order to start building a BIM model. The BIM team uses Autodesk ReCap and Revit to model from the point cloud to create a highly precise BIM model that contains actual as-built dimensions and conditions.

Point Cloud

BIM model

The facility used abundant natural light and an energy efficient Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) system as strategies to help it achieve LEED Certification.

The city needed to install a third cooling plant to cover an additional 5-10,000 tons of chilled water capacity with 10-12,000 gallons per minute…