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Phoenix, here EEA comes.

2021 has been a year of growth for EEA, and as such, we found it to be the right time to expand our reach!

Here enters Phoenix, Arizona, home of EEA’s most recently established office. With a booming economy and incredible growth in and around the city – Phoenix is the fastest growing major US city, according to 2020 Census data. It’s suburbs are equally pacing the race – the Sun Valley is the perfect home for EEA’s next location. We look forward to contributing to the rapid expansion that has pushed Phoenix’s market value past the national average, made it the number 10 city in the US for a STEM career, and invited bustling market sectors such as healthcare, technology, and manufacturing to flourish.

US Census Growth chart courtesy of AZBigMedia

EEA believes we can bring smart, sustainable, and thoughtful MEP engineering as well as energy conservation services to the area. In establishing our Phoenix office, we knew we’d need a leadership team who understands the city, its needs, and its people. In turn, we welcomed Joe Pettee, PE, CEM, longtime Arizonan and project manager, as the Senior Operations Manager of EEA’s Phoenix office.

Joe oversees the daily operations of EEA’s Arizona branch, seeking to grow the company’s presence in the area and establish us in the local market. He is specialized in all aspects of the project management process, including fostering clear communication between involved parties and ensuring clear understandings of a project’s current and future situation. Additionally, he brings both the general contractor and facility management perspectives to his work to help ensure potential issues are fixed early in the design process. To learn more about Joe, check out his write up here.

We are excited to land in the Grand Canyon state and hope to build strong and lasting partnerships for a prosperous future!