California Energy Code Design (Title 24)

New Code, New requirements

California is the energy conservation leader of all states since the adoption of  energy code Title 24.  They implemented many energy conservation measures long before they become standard in other jurisdictions.  The challenge of being in the lead is education for the end user.  When California adopted the new revision to Title 24 in 2013, the electrical design requirements changed dramatically from previous code requirements.  EEA was asked by several of our clients to assist in modifying their design standards to address these changes.

New Ideas

Our clients are concerned with energy conservation, and we have always used bi-level lighting control to lower the lighting levels appropriately when customers are not in the store.

With Title 24, we had to integrate new requirements into the lighting control design.  We provided cost effective and user friendly solutions for dimming, daylighting, load shedding, switched receptacles and metering provisions.