CH47 Chinook Helicopter Maintenance Hangar

EEA and Solis Constructors teamed up for this design-build of a new 40,000 SF helicopter aircraft maintenance building for the Corp of Engineers at Fort Hood, Texas. The project involved full building design, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, compressed air, lightning protection, cathodic protection, energy modeling, commissioning, DDC controls, and LEED AP services.

Shining Light on the Matter

Hangars provide shelter from the elements however they also block out the sunlight, making it difficult to repair the aircraft inside. The hangar requires an average of 50 foot candles (fc) in order to make repairs. 25.5 kW of lighting was provided to obtain the necessary foot candles. 50% of the fixtures are controlled by daylighting sensors, resulting in 116,000 kWh or 53.7% savings. The facility received a Silver rating under LEED for New Construction v2.2. 

No Stranger to Leadership

EEA designed HVAC, lighting, plumbing, compressed air, DDC controls, lightning protection and cathodic protection systems in addition to commissioning, energy modeling, and LEED AP services on the project.  We also served as the prime design team manager overseeing the architectural, fire protection, structural, and civil sub-consultants. The project received an Association of General Contractors Outstanding Construction Award in 2010 from the Austin Chapter.