Chemical Packaging Line Expansion

Volatile Situation

In 2013 a high-purity chemical supplier to the semiconductor industry wanted to expand their mixing and packaging area. Due to the flammability of the process materials, the expansion mixing area was designated electrical Class 1 Division 2.  The existing Class 10,000 clean packaging area was also modified and separated into smaller rooms using cleanroom partitions, including a new Class 1,000 clean space.  EEA served as the prime consultant for this challenging, hazardous occupancy project.

Process Infrastructure

Utilities for the space included power for the mixing equipment, PLCs, and other small components, Nitrogen, compressed air, and DI water.  Piped utilities were connected to existing utility piping infrastructure.  Local exhaust was also required for the mixing tanks.  New scrubbed exhaust ductwork was routed to the space and connected to the existing process exhaust system.