Confidential Client – Data Center Cooling Equipment Expansion

This data center is currently designed for 7 MW (1991 tons) of computers, using a nearby CUB (chillers) to provide cooling. Phase 1 of the project adds 4 MW (1138 tons) of cooling/electrical (11 MW total / 3129 tons) and to shift away from using the CUB for increased cooling efficiency.

The project’s final buildout will be a total of 14 MW of computers (3982 tons). The goal is to completely de-couple from the chiller plant, meaning all cooling would need to come from the building.

This presented a challenge for EEA, with very limited space and very little structural capacity on the roof for equipment. Our solution was to provide a large platform on the north side of the building that will hold all of the required cooling equipment (enough to provide 14 MW / 3982 tons of cooling), and use fluid coolers instead of chillers.