Fierce Whiskers Distillery

EEA provided MEP engineering on the design and construction of a new, 12,000 square-foot distillery in southeast Austin, Texas. The building included a 7,500 square-foot bourbon distillery and tasting room, as well as a 5,000 square-foot multi-story Rickhouse storage building. The distillery also includes men’s and women’s restrooms, an office, a distilling room, a brewing/fermentation area, a tasting room, a boiler equipment room, and a mill room with explosion-proof MEP systems. All occupied spaces were also air conditioned. 

EEA coordinated electrical and plumbing needs with the owner and designed accordingly. The distilling area and storage building had hazardous occupancy areas, and the MEP design reflected the code requirements for those areas including exhaust and spill containment. EEA designed the steam and chilled water systems for the brewing/distilling equipment, including the boiler and chiller, as well as the steam and chilled water piping and accessories.