GSA JJ Pickle Federal Office Building

This project involved major alterations to the 9 story above grade, 292,900 sq ft design build office and lab space renovation of the J.J Pickle Federal Building in Austin, TX. This involved designing and performing renovation of MEP work in a secured federal building that included the demolition and installation, of MEP systems including HVAC and electrical systems. The building housed multiple governmental departments that each had stringent security requirements.  Badging was required to enter the building through a security checkpoint, and pre-scheduling was required to enter many of the building’s tenants spaces due to additional security. 

An adjacent building had an unoccupied area which became known as the ‘swing’ space.  Prior to a floor of the J.J. Pickle building being remodeled, the tenants, including all furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), were relocated the ‘swing’ floor so that renovation could occur. This required detailed survey of existing FF&E and space planning to make sure it would fit in the swing space.

Once a floor was vacated, the renovation included upgrades or replacements to HVAC systems, electrical power & lighting systems, plumbing fixtures & layout, fire protection & life safety systems, and architectural upgrades. All public corridors were upgraded, and all common areas include elevators and lobbies required protection and repair after upgrades.  

Close coordination had to occur between floors as some systems were served by vertical utility risers which affected multiple floors if shut down.