Singapore Electronics Manufacturing Plant

A Record Breaking Facility

In 1999 EEA completed work on a new 3-story, 550,000 square foot electronic products manufacturing facility in Singapore.  The project team delivered the facility, including the first production line, in 13 months. This set the Singapore fast track construction record at that time.

Unique Role

EEA wore a variety of hats on this project, working directly for the Owner throughout the project.  During project programming  EEA provided industrial planning and production equipment layout, building and process utility matrix and modeling, MEP and process utility conceptual design, and MEP and process support equipment sizing and layout.  We then represented the Owner to help select a design-build team in Singapore to complete the design and construction of the facility.

The Construction Documents required a Singapore Engineer’s stamp, so the MEP design was completed by local consultants with our input and review.  For the process systems, EEA provided complete design of the reverse osmosis – deionized (RO/DI) water, bulk chemical supply, process waste distribution, process equipment fit up, and process scrubbed exhaust systems.  EEA maintained full-time on-site presence during the bidding and construction phases, and commissioned the cleanrooms and 4,300 point Building Automation System.


The production areas included chemical process manufacturing spaces as well as Class 100 to 10,000 clean manufacturing space.  The central plant design included infrastructure for six 2,000 Ton chillers and associated cooling towers, and two 7,000 MBH gas-fired process heating water boilers.