St. Edward’s University Satellite Chiller Plant and Distribution

Service for Campus Growth

EEA’s master planning efforts for St. Edward’s University in Austin identified the need for significant increases to chilled water system capacity.  EEA was selected as Prime Consultant for design of a satellite chiller plant on campus that would supplement the existing 2,000 Ton central plant and support aggressive campus growth expected through the next five years.

A Look to the Future

EEA updated the 6,000 ton chilled water (CHW) loop hydraulic model and electrical infrastructure master plan based on our campus master plan update in 2011. This task included an installed capacity vs. load analysis comparison of the chilled water and electrical systems. Due to energy rate changes, we also looked at thermal storage options again.  We developed a long term Thermal Energy Storage (TES) strategy by adding a TES tank next to the existing Satellite CHW Plant to supplement the existing tank at the Central Plant.  A campus-wide strategy was developed to reduce distribution pump energy and, more importantly, increase thermal storage capacity in both new and existing TES tanks. 

Generating & Distribution Increases

Design and construction for this project resulted in a stand-alone, 4,000-ton capacity water-cooled facility with dual 3,000 A 480v electrical services.  Connection to the existing campus chilled water system was made through 1,250 feet of new 20” diameter direct buried chilled water lines.  DDC upgrades to end-use building chilled water systems were also included.