Sul Ross University Campus Operations

Steam System Decentralization

The steam heating system at Sul Ross University in Alpine, Texas was nearing the end of its useful life. The generating boiler and distribution systems were outdated, inefficient, and in need of an overhaul or replacement. In lieu of steam system renewal, EEA was selected as Prime Consultant to design modular gas heating water systems to serve 11 buildings across the campus. In place of aging steam components, new heating water boilers, ductwork, heating water coils, and distribution piping were designed.

Design-Build Success

EEA teamed with mechanical contractor Brandt Engineering to complete this design-build project in remote west Texas. Intricate and detailed designs, supplemented by 3D modeling where necessary, allowed for installation of complete heating water boiler systems in mechanical rooms that previously housed only pipe and heat exchangers. Close coordination between EEA and Brandt during construction resulted in successful installations in all buildings, with minimal change orders or schedule adjustments. Since completion of this project, Sul Ross University has experienced dramatic reductions in both natural gas and domestic water consumption, which was an initial goal of the project.