Texas Woman’s University Campus-Wide Arc Flash Analysis

This multi-phase project consisted of the following studies for over 50 buildings on the Denton campus: short circuit current and equipment evaluation study, limited protective device coordination study, arc flash study and associated warning labels. Electrical models were created for each building using SKM software, and the project was broken up into several smaller phases to account for the (approximately) 1,500,000 square feet covered.

To get the most accurate data possible, EEA subconsulted a local electrician that was able to safely remove dead fronts and get pictures of all existing equipment. EEA provided blank forms for the electrician to fill out to assist in the data collection.

EEA printed all arc flash labels and delivered to the electrician for application.

In addition, EEA identified items needing immediate repair. This included equipment with insufficient short circuit ratings, circuit breaker setting adjustments, and oversized breakers for existing conductors.